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production man

Professional info


I've been described as a ‘Cross Functional Producer’.  While I suspect that this thoroughly modern handle would apply to myself, I’ve always been a little old-fashioned and so prefer ‘versatile’.


I can produce, write, production manage, direct, assistant direct, schedule, budget, develop, location manage/scout and hand-hold with the best of ‘em.


I’ve worked across a variety of roles in my professional career, from producing fact based PSAs on workplace mental health to crafting jokes for late-night talk-show monologues and production managing AR productions.


I possess a passion for developing talent, encouraging teamwork and fostering positive, happy work environments – after all filmmaking is a collaborative art and a good team is a team that plays for each other.


Outside of work, I have captained football teams my skill level shouldn’t allow me to play in and host a mean trivia night.

Work History

Freelance for TeamPeople -

Media Staffing company

Freelance Producer | Line Producer | Project Manager

2018 - 2020

Production specialist for various clients including Airbnb, Adobe, Tonal, Intel, Neon and All Of It Now.  Handling projects from pre-production through to final delivery (and making friends in the process).

  • Achieved production deliverables and requirements that keep both clients and agencies happy.

  • Managed bids and budgets for projects.

  • Handled staffing and crewing requirements including talent acquisition and management.

  • Oversaw creative development and refined production accordingly.

  • Supervised, scheduled and directed edits in director's absence.

  • Handled international production and travel requirements.

  • Served as point of contact for all client requests and deliveries.

  • Highly desired wrap-party drinking buddy.

TeamPeople - Media Staffing Company, placed at Intel's Agency inside

Line Producer | Producer

2015 - 2018

Placed in a full-time position as the in-house line producer for Agency Inside, the award winning in-house agency for Intel. Fostered content including high-end broadcast content, VR/AR work, educational in-house video and B2B pieces in both pre and post production.

  • Handled production workflow and schedules from concept through to delivery.

  • Managed bids and budgets for projects. 

  • Coordinated pre and post production workload across multiple productions/producers/editors/freelancers simultaneously.

  • Managed Intel & TeamPeople resources including studios, full-time staff, filming equipment and post production facilities.

  • Served as on-site TeamPeople staff supervisor, overseeing both full-time and contract staff.

  • Produced several real-time projects for social media channels covering events and activations.

"Will is one of those rare production managers able to comprehend both the logistics and creative of a project. He makes sure that everyone involved is afforded the opportunity to do their best work. Most importantly, he’s good people, and having him on set means it will be a good day."


- Ross Thomas, Creative Director, Authors

Mr Smith - TVC production company

Producer  |  Production Manager  |  Creative

2012 - 2015

Mr Smith is a production company focused on creating polished TVCs with clients ranging from international brands to smaller charity projects.

  • Produced broadcast commercials, online content and music videos with directors Peter Carstairs, Eddy Bell, Curtis Hill and Cory White.

  • Served as Line Producer/Production Manager on broadcast work for directors Craig MacLean and Peter Carstairs.

  • Worked directly with clients and agencies including JWT, GPY&R, Grey Worldwide, Traffic, Ogilvy, Redhanded and Clemenger BBDO.

  • Worked with clients and agency creatives to write and develop scripts and concepts, as well as developing in-house content.

  • Scheduled shoots and served as the First Assistant Director on multiple shoots.

  • Scouted and negotiated with shooting locations.

“I worked in partnership with Will for two years at Mr Smith. I took care of the director side of the director/producer relationship. Will was much more than just a producer though. Although he has intimate knowledge in all things production, he also is someone with a great creative mind for story and is full of good ideas. In our time together at Mr Smith he was a mentor, creative partner and became a really good mate. I looked forward to going into the office and working with Will everyday.”


- Curtis Hill, Director, Mr Smith

2011 - 2012

Associate Producer

Before the game - roving enterprises

Before The Game is a sixty-minute live comedy panel show focusing on Australian Football that features comedians and sports journalists as well as players and coaches that aired on Channel 10.

  • Produced and directed the bulk of the show’s out-of-studio live crosses.

  • Engaged in day to day production of the show at all levels; budgeting, casting, scheduling, et al. 

  • Conceptualized and created segments that promoted sponsors and allowed product placement without detracting from the tone or humor of the show.

  • Had a prominent role in the writing of all out-of-studio segments, as well as some elements of the show itself.

"Will has the rare combination of fantastic creative thinking with an ability to execute practically and precisely. We were able to produce some brilliantly ambitious content while he was on board that frankly wouldn't have been possible without his enthusiasm and drive."


- Dan Colless, Creative Producer, Before the Game

2010 - 2011

Production Manager  |  Production Coordinator

The Guild of Commercial Filmmakers - TVC production Company

The Guild of Commercial Filmmakers was a commercial production company with offices in Sydney and Melbourne.

  • Built callsheets and booked crew.

  • Funneled budgeted funds into specific production elements.

  • Found locations and negotiated shooting fees/permits.

  • Directed and cast extras as well coordinating lead cast.

  • Assistant Directed on many shoots.


Rove - roving enterprises

Production Assistant  |  Writer

Rove is an award-winning weekly live late-night style talk show hosted by Rove McManus featuring international guests and regular comedic contributors.

  • Aided in the day-to-day production of the show.

  • Briefed and assisted on screen talent, both international stars and regular contributors, ensuring that their needs were met and that they were suitably prepared.

  • Contributed to writers meetings and wrote on air content.

  • Aided in studio floor management.

"Will was a reliable worker who brought a positive attitude and was always up for a laugh. He worked on a number of Roving productions, in a number of roles, and always did a good job with a smile on his face."

- Karen Fary, General Manager Roving Operations

Co-Host  |  Co-Director  |  Co-Writer

Outback TV - Sultan Sushi

2006 - 2007

Airing on Belgian youth station JIM TV, Outback TV followed two Australians posing as outback TV hosts as they travelled around Belgium meeting local celebrities, visiting various festivals and sampling the world’s best beer.

  • Developed concept.

  • Wrote segments and scripts.

  • Performed role as host.

- Johan Tuyaerts, CEO Sultan Sushi.

“Will was one of the funniest guys I ever worked with and a great friend.”

2005 - 2018

Production Coordinator  |  Assistant Director  |  Production Assistant  |  Runner

Freelance Work - Various Employers

As well as the work experience listed here, I also worked as a freelancer across stages of my career.  In this capacity I worked in several roles across various productions, including:

  • Kath & Kim series 4 - Riley Turner Productions.

  • Elephant Princess series 1 - Jonathan M. Shiff Productions.

  • Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader series 1 & 2 - Roving Enterprises.

  • Umpteen TV commercials.

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